Qartli Wind Farm

LLC Qartli Wind Farm, subsidiary of JSC Georgian Energy Development Fund and Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, is executing in 2016 construction of first wind power plant in Georgia – “Qartli WInd Farm” – in Shida Qartli region, on the territory of Gori and Kareli municipalities, adjacent to Gori TV tower, with installed capacity of 20.7 MW and annually generated electricity of 88GW.

Works on above-mentioned project started in 2013. In August 2013 meteorological mast was installed, for measuring of wind speed and direction. On the basis of annual data obtained from this mast, Wind Resource Assessment was prepared. Assessment was presented by Norwegian company “Meventus”, one of the leading companies in the wind industry. At the same time, several schemes of the layout was prepared from which most optimal 6-turbines scheme was chosen.

Belgian consulting company “Tractebel Engineering” took part in the process of preparation of detailed design. It has good worldwide reputation in the sphere of energy and it is not surprising because this company is a subsidiary of giant corporation “GDF Suez”.

In addition to detailed design, “Tractebel ENgineering” prepared tender documentation on two lots:

Lot 1 – Procurement, transporting, installing and maintenance of wind turbines;

Lot 2 – Electrical and civil works.

Accordance of tender documentation with international standards was confirmed by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and tenders on both lots were conducted according to Procurement Procedures of this bank.

In 2015 Georgian Energy Development Fund began active cooperation with European Bank of Reconstruction and Development on the issue of project financing. In compliance with requirements of EBRD, 30% of total value of the project should be financed by organization that is receiving loan and remaining 70% should be financed by loan received from EBRD.

Loan Agreement will be signed in first quarter of 2016 between European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and LLC Qartli Wind Farm. According to this agreement, bank will issue 24,000,000 USD for project financing.

Lot 1 – One of the leading company in the wind energy industry – VESTAS BENELUX B.V. was named winner in tender and this company provides wind farm with 6 turbines with installed capacity of 3.45 MW each.

Lot 2 – Tender is completed and evaluation of proposals is in progress at this stage.

Estimated time for beginning of works is March 2016 and time for completion of works – September 2016.

Qartli Wind Farm, proceeding from its specifics and characteristics, can be named as one of the best station in the world.

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